The Lafayette 2/10/12 Edition

This week’s edition of The Lafayette is now available online here. There are again several articles of interest to the Greek Life community.

First, is the article Conversation begins at first IAGGL town meeting, which describes the first on campus meeting between students and members of the IAGGL (pronounced Eagle):

Limas stressed that the requirements were not purposefully ambiguous, but that the ambiguity came as a cause of the ever-changing campus demographics. “You’re going to have to trust that this process is fair,” Limas told students, “and that it is objective.”

The article also quotes a Deke:

“Certainly, many people are afraid that the ‘discussion’ is jumping right to whether Greek life should be ousted from the campus or not,” Delta Kappa Epsilon member Jared Piette ‘12 wrote in an email interview. “But I personally feel that the administration is truly interested in hearing Greek life’s side before making any rash decisions.”

Piette, as well as some faculty members expressed their disappointment at not seeing more non-affiliated members attend the meetings. Piette stressed that their inclusion is “paramount” and Limas was “surprised that we still don’t have a critical mass of non-Greek students at these events.”

Other articles of interest include summaries of presentations by the final candidates for the new Dean of Students. This week’s edition covered presentations by Brian S. Mauro, the Dean of Students at Farleigh Dickinson University , and Anamaria Cobo de Paci, who is “working on her dissertation at Widener University, but she has worked in higher education for 20 years.” Click on the links for the summary of each presentation.

Read through the articles to learn about the potential next Dean of Students at Lafayette College.

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