The Lafayette 2/3/12 Edition

This week’s edition of The Lafayette is now available online here. As the undergrad website noted, Billy Leonard ’14, a Deke, is featured in the “Proud of our Pards” segment:

Away from the track, Leonard is a proud member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. “The 4×4 is a lot like being in a fraternity,” Leonard said. “Your contributions are going to something bigger than yourself and other people are relying on you.” This type of mentality and effort is something that Leonard brings to all aspects of his life.

His Coach, Robert Farrell, expects nothing less than a complete effort from the talented sophomore. “He is very competitive and always exhibits the kind of confidence that’s necessary for success,” Farrell said. “He trains very hard but can always keep practice fun with his sense of humor.”

Several other articles are noteworthy to Greek Life at Lafayette College. The first is the article “Living Learning Communities Cleaning up Monroe,” which describe the new LLC initiative:

Every department sponsoring a LLC chooses which students will live there. Interested students can collaborate with a department to secure a LLC.

Twenty LLCs are in the works for next semester including one for French, Wall Street and the Association of Lafayette Feminists (ALF)/Women and Gender Studies partnership.

Read the full article for more details with comments by the administration, faculty, and students.

The other articles of interest are summaries of presentations by the final candidates for the new Dean of Students. This week’s edition covered presentations by William Stackman, currently Director of Student Activities for Texas A&M University and Paul J McLoughlin, currently a professor of higher education at Boston College.

Read through the articles to learn about the potential next Dean of Students at Lafayette College.

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