The Lafayette 04-20-2012 Edition

Once again The Lafayette published several articles touching on the topic of Greek Life at Lafayette College.

Brett Billings ’12 reports in the article Court Rules in Favor of Chi Phi:

After almost a year of legal wrangling, a trial date has been set in a lawsuit brought by Chi Phi fraternity to regain possession of their chapter house.

Read the full article for views from current students in Chi Phi, who choose to remain anonymous.

An article announces Panhel brands Sorority Life by Stacey Goldberg ’12

The Sorority Life, outfitted with a stylish new logo and literature explaining the four core values of the system. It’s a potential solution to the miscommunication created by the media. “It’s not what you saw on TV,” Director of Fraternity and Sorority life Stuart Umberger said.

This branding has two main objectives to communicate that were inspired from a student-critique at the Finding We event this January: that Sororities are open to anyone who wants to get involved, but to also to make clear what membership entails, Umberger said.

The Four Pillars Panhellenic considers core values of the six sororities are friendship, leadership, scholarship and service.

Read on for more details about Sorority Life.


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