The Lafayette 03-23-2012 Edition

Once again The Lafayette published several articles touching on the topic of Greek Life at Lafayette College.

Brett Billings ’12 reports in the article Tough rush getting tougher:

Lafayette sororities have dug their heels in.

Banning [sic] together, they engaged an Ohio law firm to craft a response to Lafayette’s request for information regarding each sororities’ selection and initiation practices.

Lafayette General Counsel Leslie Muhlfelder and Dean of Intercultural Development John McKnight were notified this past Sunday in separate documents of the sororities’ commitment “to continue their single sex status,” according to the legal opinion of the law office of Manley Burke.

Another article about VP Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Lafayette College, highlights the fraternal experience of Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff Alan Hoffman ’88:

Hoffman, an American Studies major when at Lafayette, was the 1988 Pepper Prize recipient, participated in Student Government and served as president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for two years. Reflecting on his four years on College Hill, Hoffman spoke to The Lafayette heavily of his involvement in Greek life after he was awarded the Pepper Prize.

“I was confronted with the same old line that no matter what we do, we will never accomplish anything,” Hoffman wrote. “Cause some commotion, create some controversies, but most of all, do something. Do not wait for someone else to take charge, do it yourself. The opportunities to affect change are there, use them.”


There’s an Op-Ed titled On Alcohol Patrols by Brett Billings ’12 addressing the issues of alcohol patrols targeting fraternities in the wake of the withdrawal of charges against Delta Upsilon following improper search of private student rooms. After reviewing the documents describing the past 20+ years practice of targeted alcohol patrols in fraternities, Brett concludes:

 This document pertains to and affects all students. Just as water flows around a barrier placed in the middle of a stream, so too will the alcohol flow around — somehow, someway — the barriers the college has placed in the social settings of its students.

Take away Monroe Street housing, and the party scene will migrate. Students will walk further from campus, and they will cross more streets, walk more blocks to find a social release that challenges the barriers imposed on them. This is not a Greek issue. It is a student issue.


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