Lafayette College’s annual reunion is June 1-3, 2012. You can register online today at this link.

In addition to the reunion festivities being on March Field this year due to construction on the quad, the DKE House will again be open to all Rho Dekes and their families.

As of April 20th, there are 14 Rho Dekes registered to attend, with more to come:

Matt Sheeleigh ’50
John Neff ’52
Robert Rothman ’66
Tom Turner ’82
Gregory Bahtiarian ’87
Mark Gupta ’87
Walter Gurzynski ’87
Michael McCormack ’87
Chris Tedeschi ’87
David Wolff ’87
Peter Carlson ’02
Lance Lacoff ’02
Steve Rosen ’02 (Saturday)
Brian Schranz ’02
Michael De Lisi ’03


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  1. […] to attend. Additionally, DKE is keeping a running tally of the Rho Dekes registered for reunion at our website. Like last year, the DKE House will again be open throughout reunion […]

  2. […] Rho Dekes turned out in great numbers for the 2011 and 2012 reunions. […]

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