4th Annual Jeremy Saxe Tournament

Delta Kappa Epsilon hosted the fourth annual Jeremy Saxe basketball tournament recently. You can check out the description by the students here. The Rho House Association again supported this worthy cause close to the hearts of many of our brothers.

Chris McConnell ’09 forwarded the Jeremy Saxe Tournament Program for all Rho Dekes to see.  It contains the following letter from Jeremy’s family:

Thank You from the Saxes
There really isn’t strong enough words to express the extreme gratitude we feel toward all of you for the incredible support you gave Jer during his time at Lafayette, your incredible commitment to honor his life through your continued dedication to his legacy foundation and our family. You are truly remarkable people and we are very proud of Jeremy for choosing Lafayette and pledge brotherhood with DKE.

We remember how much time Jeremy put into his decision to pledge DKE. He worried about fraternity life and whether he could make the necessary commitment. The day he said he was pledging DKE, we asked him what it was that finally compelled that decision. He simply stated with conviction, “it’s the guys…I want to be brothers for life with these guys”

We thank you for all the love, support and fun times you generously shared with Jer. It is through the support of his DKE brothers that he thrived at Lafayette.

After Jer’s tragic death, you have continued your relationship with him through support of his legacy foundation and by outreach to our family. Through close relationships with so many of you and involvement with all of you in the annual tournaments, we feel included in the Lafayette and DKE family and we are deeply grateful for all your love and support.

The choice of this 3 x 3 Basketball Tournament is a perfect way to honor Jer – DKE brothers all know how much he loved playing sports with his friends and brothers. We strongly believe he is smiling down on this event and is thrilled that everyone is having fun at an affordable event while helping make a difference for those less fortunate.

With Much Love and Great Appreciation,
Heidi, Tracy & Ryan Saxe


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