Homecoming 2013 Recap

On October 4 Lafayette College inaugurated Alison R. Byerly as the 17th President of Lafayette College. If you missed the experience, you can catch up on everything about the inauguration here.

Generations of Rho Dekes returned to campus throughout weekend. Our best count of the alumni back on campus is below the fold. If you have a story or thought from Homecoming, share it here. For those who attended inauguration and appreciated the music, Brother Pete Taggart ’15 was among the students playing at the reception. Brother Taggart is one of the twenty seven students who are part of the College’s Creative and Performing Arts (CaPA) Fellowship program, which was created through the generosity of Bruce ’65 and Jackie P’02 Maggin.

Brother Pete Taggart '15 playing at the inauguration of President Byerly
Brother Pete Taggart ’15 playing at the inauguration of President Byerly

On the morning of October 5 during the Alumni Interfraternity Sorority Board (AISB) meeting, Brother De Lisi was elected to lead AISB as President alongside Vice President Susan Kowalenko ’86 from Pi Beta Phi.

The Rho House Association hosted our annual meeting at the DKE House on Saturday. Attached are the slides in PDF or PPTX format with speaker’s notes. For more information, please contact president@rhodke.org.

Following a successful tailgate and victory over the Bucknell Bison, DKE undergraduates hosted Oktoberfest opening up the bars in the DKE house for the first time. The College supported this party, demonstrating that it is in fact possible to host receptions in fraternity houses with the blessing of the College.

Click to see the Rho Deke alumni around campus for Homecoming.

Dekes on campus for Homecoming October 4-5 included:
John Wynn  Jr. ’50
Matt Sheeleigh ’50
Bob Loughlin ’53
Walter Scott ’59 (Social)
Tom Neff  ’59
Ed McNally ’65
JB Reilly ’83
Jack Sigda ’86
Doug Young ’86
Walter Gurzynski ’87
Neill Kling ’87
Michael Cuffe ’88
Mark Fedorov ’91
Todd Ferrie ’97
John Terembula ’94
Will Forbes ’96
Peter Carlson ’02
Lance Lacoff ’02
Michael De Lisi ’03
Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon ’03
Erinc Sen ’03
John Troup ’04
Jon Cohn ’04
Jared Yelen ’06
Shane Clauser ’07
Christoffer Johnston ’08
Josh Kambour ’10
Greg Baldwin ’12
Scott Gordon ’12
Justin Lam ’12
Ben Paro ’12
Jared Piette ’12
Chris Pregler ’12
Mike Rupolo ’12
Samuel Schulsinger ’12
Andrew Uzenoff ’12
Sagar Vengurlekar ’12
Adam Block ’13
Dave Eckelmann ’13
Billy Greene ’13
Chuck Laird ’13
Lenny Nguyen ’13
Kevin McGuigan ’13
Adndrew O’Brien ’13
Todd Souders ’13
Adam Szklanny ’13
Dan Toutoungi ’13


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