The Lafayette 09-06-2013 Edition

Today’s edition of The Lafayette, with a new online home at, contains several articles that touch on Greek Life. First up is “A New Face for an Old System” by Julia Ben-Asher ‘14, which introduces Daniel Ayala as the new Assistant Director of Residence Life and Advisor to Fraternities and Sororities.

The article provides a good overview of Dan’s CV and concludes with the following:

“I think he will do a terrific job,” President Alison Byerly said regarding Ayala. “I just met with the Alumni Interfraternity and Sorority Board and I think they’re interested in working with him. I think they feel good about that.”

Ayala is looking forward to fulfilling his goals here: educational programming for both Greek and non-Greek students, which are co-sponsored with other departments and offices, leadership development and risk management work, addressing gender and sexuality issues, and helping to develop an inclusive campus community.

DKE alumni are absolutely looking forward to working with Dan. We are also pleased that President Byerly joined the August 24th meeting of the Alumni Interfraternity and Sorority Board (AISB). This is a terrific way to kickoff the academic year.

Next up is “Lasting Effects: Umberger Leaves his Mark on Campus” by Michael A. Kowaleski ‘14 which covers the departure of Dan’s predecessor, Stuart Umberger. The article highlights:

Umberger’s impact is still being felt during rush. Ayala has been largely carrying over changes in sorority rushing that were implemented by Umberger prior to his departure.

We wish Stuart well in his current endeavors at Franklin & Marshall. We will work closely with Dan to institutionalize the changes for the better that Stuart introduced to the Lafayette Greek community throughout his time as Director of Fraternity and Fraternity Life. Of course, we will also engage new ideas Dan brings to our community.

In another article (I warned you there was a lot touching on Greek Life in this issue!), “What are Students Expecting from Byerly?” Samantha Praman-Linton ‘16 interviewed Delta Upsilon President Zach Lappen ‘14 who offered the following comment, among others:

I’d like to see her work to interact with students a little bit more than a bridge between the administration and students at the college, so that they can interact as one cohesive group to a better degree.

Read the full article to see the rest of his perspective as a student leader in the Greek community.

Finally, of note to alumni is the Letter from the Editor Michael A. Kowaleski about The Lafayette‘s coverage of the start of President Byerly’s leadership of Lafayette College. He writes:

It’s important to consider the desires of alumni and faculty, two populations that carry significant weight in administrative decisions. We plan on covering both divisions and their respective visions for the College.

Again, its worth reading his letter in full.


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