The Lafayette 08-30-2013 Edition

Friday’s edition of The Lafayette featured the cover article “Setting up shop: Byerly discusses Greek Life” by By Michael A. Kowaleski ‘14 Editor-in-Chief. The article covers the convocation for the Class of 2017 of Lafayette College. From the article:

“Many alums talk about Greek Life, et cetera [sic], and what I told them was that the kinds of values that inspired their dedication to their fraternity are not only still represented but can be found in other aspects of residential life,” Byerly said. “If fraternities and sororities can meet the standards set up by the IAGGL process, I’m delighted to see them be part of that picture. ”

“I don’t believe Greek life is expendable,” she stated. “I believe if they adhere to the standards set, they have a place.”

For more on Greek Life and other topics from convocation, read the full article.

The newspaper is currently re-designing their website ( In the meantime, the newspaper is available in PDF format from the College Archives beginning at this link. The article concludes on page 4.

For those of you who missed reunion, President Weiss addressed the topic of fraternities and sororities meeting the standards under the IAGGL process during his final State of the College address on June 7, 2013:

We’re finding our way with Greek organizations now. We’re working in partnership with the students as closely as we ever have. They’re supportive of these initiatives. They’re performing at the levels we’ve asked them to. Their academic achievements are commensurate with the study body as a whole. And I’m proud of that. I think the way forward with them will be positive and I think that will be an important achievement for us so that we can all be rowing together.

You can watch this address at the College’s website. The sections relevant to Greek Life as of June 2013 begin at 27:20 and 43:00.


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