3rd Annual Rho DKE ’86 Spring Outing

Brother Glock ’86 is again rallying the Rho Dekes from ’86 (plus or minus a few graduation years…the more the merrier!) Contact Peter Glock for more information.

Gentlemen, we are having our 3rd annual Rho ’86 DKE summer outing this year on May 5th (and 4th for those who are interested) in Washington, DC.  We are planning to see the Phillies play the Nationals on the 5th at 1:05 pm, sandwiched by obligatory “cultural events,” of which there are certainly plenty in our nation’s capital.  Given some of our brothers’ ties to DC, I’m sure we can also plot some outstanding night spots for Saturday night.  We had a great time a couple of years ago in NYC.  Our group continues to express a desire to reunite with Dekes from the years around us, so this is the perfect vehicle to bring the larger group together.

A few of us are planning to arrive in DC around noon on Friday, and do some sight-seeing, so we’ll be staying for 2 nights.  Still, it’s fine if you just want to do Saturday night as well.  If there is interest, I can see if we can get some group rates for hotel rooms if enough guys are interested.

I have been in touch with the group ticketing office of the Nationals, and it sounds like we will be able to get tickets together for the game, but because it’s a Phils game, they expect high demand for group tickets for the game.  So the earlier we can get our request in, the more likely we’ll be able to get seats together in a desirable section.  Please let me know if you’re going to be able to attend by Thursday so that we have  a pretty firm grasp on the number of tickets we’ll need, and I can get our deposit in to give us a better chance.

We got 15 of us last time for the Yankee game (picture below).  I’m hoping with this larger audience that we’ll be able to get double that for a major DKE reunion.

Feel free to extend this invite to any other Dekes that I may have missed, and “persuade” your fellow Dekes to attend with you.  The more, the merrier !

Hope you can make it !!

Rho Dekes at Yankees Stadium
Rho Dekes at Yankee Stadium


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