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Allentown, Pennsylvania was once a thriving economic hub for retail in the 1970s but fell victim to decades of economic decline. Businesses and people fled the downtown area for the suburbs and the results were predictably poor.

Those tough times are finally over. Allentown is a revitalized city home to flourishing new businesses and is currently the fastest growing city in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

DKE Brother J.B. Reilly ’83 is a driving force behind that revitalization. Reilly was featured in a recent article titled ‘Allentown bets big to shed its former image’ by Tommy Andres on

Reilly and his company, The City Center Management Company, are building the new arena for the Philadelphia Flyers’ minor league team, the Phantoms. The PPL Center also features a membership gym and a new Marriot Renaissance hotel.

Photo courtesy of The Morning Call

Photo courtesy of The Morning Call

“Not only did we see a financial opportunity,” Reilly said, “We saw a community development opportunity.”

“There will be 3,000 more people working here [in September] than there were a year ago. And for a city like Allentown, that’s just extraordinary.”

Brother Reilly is a shining example of the true impact Rho Dekes can make in the community. We are proud of the leadership he displays both as a Trustee for the College and as a key figure in the turnaround of Allentown.


Jared Piette ’12 put together a fantastic edition of the Rho News covering the latest for DKE and past highlights from 1917 and 1954. The online edition is available here. You can view all electronic editions of the Rho News in our archive.

By now all Rho Deke alumni should have received the Summer 2013 edition by both mail and e-mail; we distributed it via Lafayette College’s mailing system. If you did not receive a copy, please update your contact information online or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-(800)-LAFAYETTE or

Send questions or comments to


In case you missed it, the Spring 2013 edition of the Rho News was published here. We’ve updated it to be a printable PDF version on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Once again, we worked with Lafayette College’s Office of Alumni Relations to distribute this edition via e-mail. If you expected to receive this e-mail but did not, contact Alumni Relations to update your information:

(610) 330-5040
(800)-LAFAYETTE (outside PA)
Fax: (610) 330-5833

Also, our undergrads are having a very busy month leading into the close of the academic year. They hosted a well attended faculty reception, the women’s basketball team invited DKE representatives to attend their year end reception, are working on this year’s Lion Trophy application, and are selecting delegates to UIFI (Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute). They’re staying busy with more to come!


On March 29th, Implementation and Assessment Group on Greek Life (IAGGL pronounced eagle) posted its metrics for review and comment from the Lafayette Community. The announcement by the Chair is available here.

The metrics cover three of the four Board’s four objectives for Greek Life, which are described in the announcement. IAGGL is still working on the metrics for the fourth objective.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity offered by the College for commenting on the metrics developed by IAGGL thus far. Comments may be submitted at this link. Because comments appear to be private, we’d appreciate any comments to be reposted publicly so the entire community can know the issues raised by students, parents, alumni, and faculty. You can repost comments to Lafayette in the comments thread of this post and the LinkedIn discussion on this topic under the Lafayette Alumni LinkedIn group.

The Board’s objectives are:

  • Fraternities and sororities must facilitate demonstrated learning opportunities for students and provide benefits to the College as a whole.
  • The academic performance of students affiliated with fraternities and sororities must be comparable to the student body as a whole.
  • The disciplinary profile of members of fraternities and sororities, as well as the individual organizations, must be comparable to the student body as a whole and other student organizations.
  • Fraternities and sororities must provide open access and engagement opportunities to all students at Lafayette (non-discriminatory in selection of members).

The metrics are:

Integration with Campus Learning Opportunities (Greek organizations and students where applicable):

  • Does each Greek organization plan/host five academic programs per year?
  • Do each of the five programs meet the following criteria: open to campus, have faculty involvement, not social as primary focus, directly planned by Greek organizations, approved by the director of fraternity and sorority life, have active member participation?
  • Are Greek members actively involved in a leadership role of one non-Greek organization (total cases and ratio of leaders to membership)?

Academic Performance  (Greek students to non-Greek students, separated where possible by Greek organization and also by gender):

  • GPA 3rd semester students
  • GPA 5th semester students
  • GPA 7th semester students
  • Major distribution (numbers and ratio)
  • Academic probation (total cases and ratio)
  • EXCEL Scholar (total cases and ratio)
  • Thesis participation (total cases and ratio)
  • Departmental honors participation (total cases and ratio)
  • Study abroad participation (total cases and ratio)
  • Other honor recipients/Dean’s List (total cases and ratio)
  • Co-curricular (academic major) organization membership (total cases and ratio)
  • Internship participation (total cases and ratio)

Disciplinary Profile  (Greek students to non-Greek students where possible, separated where possible by Greek organization and also by gender):

  • Conduct probation of individuals (total cases and ratio)
  • Conduct violations (total cases and ratio))
  • Individual repeated offenses (total cases and ratio)
  • Sanctions issued
  • Administrative hearing cases by group
  • Administrative panel cases by group
  • Sexual assault Public Safety Reports (total cases)
  • COMPASS compliance

Our hosting transfer is complete. We’ve added RSS feeds from our students (see right sidebar), and two from Lafayette College. One is for progress reports from the Implementation and Assessment Greek Life Group IAGGL and the other is for general Greek Life news (see left sidebar). is your one-stop shop for all Lafayette College Greek Life information relevant to Rho Dekes!

We also added an RSS feed you can subscribe to with your favorite RSS reader here or by clicking on the RSS icon in the top right of the page. You’ll also notice a button up there that takes you to the Rho DKE LinkedIn Group for professional networking and development.

As part of the hosting move, we decided to archive the forums. If there is demand, we can bring them back up. We have the data offline. Since we don’t have forums, please comment on the individual articles we post here or any of our pages.

All e-mails accounts have been setup. We are still in the process of setting up the individual class mailing lists. When we setup each mailing list, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to use the discussion list with your classmates.


Following our webhost transfer, we’ve made our Sitemap available at to improve our search engine crawling.


We’re in the process of transferring to a new host. Please pardon our appearance and check back soon because the transfer is almost complete!


The undergrads just published an update on Rho Dekes traveling abroad, which got picked up by DKE International. Check their website for details on their journeys around the world.


Our host is migrating some of our services. In the process, they neglected to migrate our mailing lists. We’ve opened a support ticket. In the meantime, no mailing lists for are functional. We apologize for the inconvenience. No FP for fungroup.

Update:Mailing lists have been restored.


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