On October 27, 2011, the DKE undergraduates welcomed Brother John Terembula ’94, for the first of three alumni mentoring sessions.  Discussions like these are being set up by DKE’s alumni association in order to address the college administration’s recent recommendations found by the Greek Life Working Group.  Brother Terembula’s discussion presented the undergraduate brothers with key habits and principals of behavior, which will in turn, help them improve their academic performance, as well as prepare them for their post-college careers.

"John Terembula '94 discusses with the active DKE brothers the vast differences in his life when he did and did not implement personal time management methods."

In his discussion, Terembula stressed the importance of self-management.  Reflecting on his time in the house, he realized that he was not as efficient when he was a student as he is today.  He talked about how “there [were] too many times when [he] wished, as an undergraduate, [he] had been presented some piece of practical information in a way that would have better resonated with a DKE lifestyle.” By talking with the undergraduates, he gave practical feedback on the vague, and rarely applied, principles of “time management” he had learned through his life experiences, both college and career.

"The brothers heed Terembula's warning: manage your time now, or else the future will be much more difficult."

The undergraduate brothers had a very positive reaction to the first of three mentoring sessions.  Most of them immediately began to change their Time Management practices.  By taking the advice of Terembula, they began to plan ahead, and set up their schedules on their phones or computers. They felt t alumni brothers as guest speakers, rather than external sources, made it much easier for them to relate to the speaker’s points of view and experience.  They are excited t0 meet more alumni, and learn from their life experiences.

The second and third sessions will be held in December before finals, and at the start of the second semester.  Please Contact Brother Terembula directly if you are interested in participating in one of these sessions.

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