Spiking to Make a Difference

On November 25, 2011, between 3pm and 6pm, the Jiwanko Saathiharu Foundation will be hosting a Volleyball tournament at Amity High School in Amity, CT.  Proceeds will be donated to benefit the children of the beautiful, yet impoverished, nation of Nepal, as well as an annual Amity scholarship in memory of Jeremy Saxe.  DKE supports the foundation annually with it’s undergraduate event “The Saxe Basketball Tournament.”  We encourage all brothers who are in the area this holiday season to stop by and support this noble cause.  For more information: http://www.ctbulletin.com/articles/2011/11/17/news/doc4ec5389d1c00c307020110.txt

For those who are unaware, Jeremy is a member of the DKE RHO class of 2009, and passed away his Senior year from natural causes.  The Jiwanko Saathiharu Foundation was set up in his honor to support the children of Nepal.  These children had a special place in Jeremy’s heart after his study abroad experience in that region.  The foundation has many goals at hand, including to construct a better Napali school.  For more information on the foundation please visit www.jeremysaxe.com




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