Welcome back Delta Tau Delta

“A fraternity returns: DTD gains college approval” by Ian Morse appeared on The Lafayette’s website last Friday. The article announces that the 18 member Recognition Committee decided to grant Delta Tau Delta (DTD) colony status.

President of DTD Dan Lupia ’16 (Full disclosure: Lupia copyedits for us. He did not copyedit this story) said the 26 members of DTD are excited about the decision. A ceremony to recognize them as a colony will be held at a nearby DTD chapter within about three weeks, according to Lupia.

“We’re just really happy to have finally made a step at Lafayette College moving in the pro-Greek life direction and bringing something back to the school,” he said.

DTD has a strong group of alumni who have always been inclusive and welcoming at their tailgates and golf outings. They’ve fostered connections with the Delta Delta Delta women occupying the former DTD house, including co-hosting events with the chapter.

DKE wishes DTD well. We want every fraternity and sorority chapter to succeed at Lafayette College to enrich the student experience. Moving forward, DTD will operate with the support of their national and local alumni as a colony for 2-4 semesters.

DTD and Chi Phi had both applied to the Recognition Committee; however, the process limits expansion to one chapter per year within a given type of group (social, service, or culturally based organizations). Word is Chi Phi received feedback on their application and is encouraged to reapply next year with a stronger application.

Hopefully they do reapply.

For those interested in keeping track, there are three active fraternity chapters on campus (DKE, DU, and Phi Psi), one colony (DTD), one suspended fraternity chapter (Zeta Psi, 11/25/2018).  Chi Phi is the only social fraternity that has students actively seeking recognition. There are also students interested in service oriented groups such as Alpha Phi Omega (the world’s largest service fraternity, which was founded at Lafayette), as well as culturally based chapters, none of which would conflict with or compete with Chi Phi’s reapplication.


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