Are you registered for Reunion 2014 ?

Join President Byerly and your brothers in Delta Kappa Epsilon at the DKE House on Saturday June 7th for the ground breaking ceremony of the DKE House renovation, subject to Board approval, to commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Rho
Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon

Please register today for reunion so we can get an accurate headcount. When you register, select “Delta Kappa Epsilon” as your headquarters for the Campus Crawl. Festivities at the DKE House will continue following the ceremony.

This is your last chance to enjoy the DKE House as it was before the renovation to commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Rho Chapter.

Add your name to the list of Rho Dekes who will join us at reunion:

1974 Mark Damiano
1979 Gerald Leitz
1983 JB Reilly
1989 Robert Almeida
1991 Mark Fedorov (Maybe)
1993 Jay Mehr
1994 Christopher Pollina
1994 John Terembula
1994 Brian Waerig
1995 David Kiefer
1995 Bayard Smith
1996 Alex Dippel (Maybe)
1996 William Forbes
1998 Praveen Reddy (Maybe)
2002 Peter Carlson
2002 Jason Monico
2002 Scott Reynolds
2002 Brian Schranz
2003 Michael De Lisi
2003 Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon (Maybe)
2003 Michael Gentile
2004 Daniel Carreno
2004 Jonathan Cohn
2004 Stefano Derasmo
2004 Anthony Hawthorne
2004 James Madigan
2004 David Weston
2004 John Troup
2006 Jared Yelen
2008 Dominic Cimorelli
2009 John Crerand
2009 Matthew Zamore
2010 Ryan Simmons


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