Greek Life in 2013 Alumni Attitude Survey

Alumni Relations recently published the results of the 2013 Alumni Attitude Survey. What is the survey?

There are three groups of survey questions that rate specific items based on both importance and performance.

  • Questions about the student experience of the alumnus/a.
  • Questions about what alumni should do (the proper role of an alumnus/a) and how well the college or alumni association supports the alumni in doing those things.
  • Questions on the importance of various methods of communications and how effective the college is at providing that communication.

The data is broken down several ways including by era of graduation.

Greek Life is addressed in several areas of the survey including demographics (70% of respondents are Greek affiliated), Loyalty and the Student/Alumni Experience, and Communications. Specifically, fraternities and sororities are an outlier in the Gap Analysis between Importance and Performance.

I recommend reading the summaries and the response data for yourself. Alumni Council and the Development and Alumni Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees, among other groups,  have seen the data and are looking for ways to improve.


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