Lafayette College Covers DKE Leadership

Rho DKE Strategic Initiatives-2012
Rho DKE Strategic Initiatives-2012

On December 4th, Lafayette College covered the results of our August strategic planning conference:

The fraternity holds leadership conferences before the fall and spring semesters, each with a different focus. This fall, DKE turned its attention to improving its members’ academic performance and increasing its community involvement. The entire chapter, its alumni leadership board, Shupp, and Stuart Umberger, director of fraternity and sorority life, participated in the conference.

The article also highlights the recent activities of students towards achieving their goals, as well as recognizing the alumni who help guide our students through this process. We suggest you read the article in full.

With the recent undergraduate elections, Andy O’Brien ’13 is passing leadership of the chapter to incoming President Michael Kelley ’14. During our winter leadership conference to kickoff the spring semester, Michael will present a review of the chapter’s progress on each of the strategic initiatives, goals, and action plans outlined at the start of the fall semester.

The winter conference will serve as an opportunity for any adjustments the students deem necessary to achieve the mission and vision agreed upon in August. It will also allow our new brothers to understand the process and framework guiding our chapter forward.

If you’d like to participate in the winter leadership conference, please contact Michael De Lisi ’03 at


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