DKE x10 Challenge Update- Peter Carlson

On Saturday June 2nd the inaugural Rho DKE x10 Challenge was dedicated at the DKE Chapter house and enjoyed by all in attendance at Lafayette’s Reunion Weekend. The x10 Challenge successfully raised the funds to install a multi-zone sound system for the house. Many thanks to all of those in the classes of 2002, 2011, and 2012 who donated to this project, and to MediaCraft and Current Concepts for their exemplary work designing and installing the system respectively.

This system includes Pro Audio quality speakers and amplifiers that will serve the house spectacularly for years to come. The two zones installed are the brothers bar which has 2 wall mounted speakers in each room, and the front porch which has a port outside the front door to connect two large, weatherproof speakers capable of filling all of March Field with DKE approved music. These speakers will be permanently installed when we complete the full house renovation, complete with a new expanded front porch, in time for our 160th anniversary.

We’re looking forward to another successful x10 Challenge kicking off in the fall for the classes of 2003 and 2013. The initial plan is to provide the house with new furnishings for the living room on the first floor.


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