Update from Chair of IAGGL

In late December, Lafayette posted an update from Dr. Celestino Limas, who is the chair of the Implementation and Assessment Group on Greek Life on the college’s website. He outlines their work as:

1) Establish metrics by which we can evaluate the Greek system’s ability to meet the four objectives spelled out by the Board of Trustees after their October 2011 meeting;

2) Discuss how to best implement the twenty-three Board-approved recommendations from the previous Working Group on Greek Life study and also the six recommendations that needed further clarification;

3) Transition our efforts to that of an oversight group that can receive data/input and assess how well the current Greek system is meeting the four goals outlined by the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Limas also announced tentative dates of February 17 and April 13 for virtual town hall meetings where all members of the Lafayette Community may participate via the internet. Stay tuned as those dates approach for more information.


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