DKE Conduct Update

DKE was recently charged as an organization for a food fight that trashed the kitchen and dining room in DKE. DKE held both the alumni participants and the student bystanders accountable with monetary fines and barring them from DKE events in the near term. Destruction in the DKE House must stop and we expect all Dekes to respect the investments we make in the house.

In the future we will hold enablers and bystanders equally accountable to any active participants in future incidents. DKE property was placed at risk by this incident. Additionally, the Dean raised questions about how we cleaned the food fight up because it was mostly sophomores when the Dean came to observe the mess. Trashing the kitchen and dining room must stop!

The Student Conduct Committee levied several penalties on us as a result of this incident. Among other penalties, we are under social probation until October 17th, 2012. During this time, we are not required to remain dry; however, we cannot host social events on or off campus. The full decision is available from Brother De Lisi. Contact him at if you would like to review the decision. We are working to place this decision into context of the Campus Climate, particularly the recent Board of Trustees decisions regarding Greek Life.


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