DKE Leadership Conference Fall 2011

On Saturday, August 27th twelve DKE undergraduates participated in the first DKE Leadership Conference at Lafayette. Five alumni designed a thought provoking agenda to help DKE Leaders develop the skills needed to lead our fraternity this year. The alumni set the agenda took their experience from industry tailored to address leadership in a fraternity. Topics included:

  • Leadership and stakeholder expectations
  • Case studies of challenges to fraternity leaders
  • Time management and academic performance
  • Business tools, templates, and techniques
  • Leadership in crisis situations
  • Sexual assault

Breakout sessions results revealed common themes across the smaller groups, which is a testament to the culture of DKE. The undergraduates also formed innovative ideas during the small group discussion. In addition to the topics listed above, participants began reviewing the Greek Life Working Group’s recommendations to analyze areas of strength and development within DKE.

The undergraduates expressed appreciation to the alumni for hosting the conference. They look forward to participating in the next conference this winter to transition leadership to the next set of officers. I thank them for their participation, willingness to prepare over the summer, and most importantly, their acceptance of the challenges we set forth for them this year. I am confident they can continue to rise to meet our high expectations of them.

I’d like to thank Mark Fedorov ’91, John Terembula ’94, Peter Carlson ’02, and Brent Souders ’11 for their contributions to the conference. Due to Hurricane Irene only Mark, Brent, and I were able to attend in person, but the others were present virtually thanks to technology and in spirit.

If you are interested in participating in a future DKE Leadership Conference, e-mail Michael De Lisi. The conference agenda is available for download.


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