Steven Rosen Gets Married

Steven Rosen (’02) married his fiance Abigail Scandlen on Saturday October 23, 2010 at the Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta, NJ. The wedding was attended by many fellow dekes including Peter Carlson (’02), Michael Gentile (’01), Jared Harvey (’02), Lance Lacoff (’02), Scott Reynolds (’02), Dominic Wade (’99), and Jason Zomick (’02). Mrs. Rosen

Updating contact information

Since 2007, we’ve relied on Lafayette’s mailing list to communicate with our members. We recently learned that recent graduates are required to identify themselves as Dekes rather than the school making this association for you. As a result, you probably haven’t been receiving the Rho News or associated mailings unless you’ve registered with Lafayette. Please

Job Openings

There are two more job openings posted in this thread for a DBA and an Environmental Scientist. Alumni, please post other openings in that thread. Don’t forget to register and then create a thread requesting access to the private section of the forum. This keeps spam down and ensures only our members have access to

Job Openings

Several alumni have requested a way to post job opportunities for recent DKE graduates. We created a thread for this on our private forums . You’ll need to register to receive access. Make sure you answer the anti-spam question at the very bottom of the registration page. The question is “What fraternity are you a

Mailing lists broken

Our host is migrating some of our services. In the process, they neglected to migrate our mailing lists. We’ve opened a support ticket. In the meantime, no mailing lists for are functional. We apologize for the inconvenience. No FP for fungroup. Update:Mailing lists have been restored.

New Lease Signed January 22, 2010

We’re pleased to announce that we concluded lease renegotiations with Lafayette College for the DKE House. I’d like to thank Peter Carlson, our Treasurer, for working closely with Lafayette’s VP of Business Affairs Mitch Wein to accomplish this new arrangement. We created a new model at Lafayette College that poises us for success. Check the