Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development
…in equal proportions a gentleman, scholar, and jolly good fellow.

A foundation in academics is key to being a DKE and achievement of excellence in Greek Life at Lafayette College. We encourage our members to pursue their diverse scholarly interests. To support our students, we offer the following programs. See their individual websites for an in depth description of the program and the importance to the core values of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Program Name Description
DKE Academic Standards Scholarship Scholarship by alumni to recognize achievement of group GPA standards
Partnership with Lafayette College ATTIC (Academic Tutoring and Training Information Center) Time Management Seminars, Peer Tutoring, One-on-one study skills development
Midterm Grade Reports for DKE Students TBD; Will allow alumni to provide at-risk students the academic support they deserve
DKE Speaker’s Bureau DKE alumni return to DKE House to speak about professional experience, opportunities, and intellectual topics
Student Recognition Beginning in Summer 2011, provide recognition in our newsletter, the Rho News, for students named to the Dean’s List, academic honors, inducted into honors societies, and conducting research at Lafayette.

The Objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon are

The cultivation of general literature and social culture, the advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence

Several DKE students maintained blogs as they studied abroad at Lafayette College. You can read Gregory Baldwin’s ’12 blog here about his travels in Fall 2010 and Jared Piette’s ’12 blog here about his travels in Spring 2010.