DKE Academic Standards Scholarship

The DKE Academic Standards Scholarship was established by the alumni of the Rho Chapter to recognize academic achievement of the Rho Chapter as a group of students. The award amounts are tiered to recognize when every single student meets a GPA threshold, when new members reach a GPA threshold, and when the chapter as a whole exceeds the all-male Lafayette College GPA average.

Students and alumni codified this agreement in Spring of 2011. From time to time, student and alumni will consider revising the agreement to raise the standards. The Scholarship is designed to reinforce a culture of academic performance, particularly through encouraging students to take an interest in their brothers who may be struggling academically.

DKE counts academically high performing students among our ranks including people on the Deans List, honors students, Marquis Scholars, Trustee Scholars, etc. We are working closely with the college to provide the support to those students who are under performing. We recognize this is an area of development for Greek Life at Lafayette College that DKE needs to improve. We are committed to building a culture of academic performance and intellectual development.

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