The Rho House Association uses the following collaboration tools in addition to standard business templates and practices:

DropBox – We have a private DropBox alumni leadership uses to store and share files. Why is this important? To provide continuity, organization, and alignment of all stakeholders to the same set of documents. The importance of succession planning and continuity of leadership cannot be overstated in fraternity leadership at all levels.

Asana – Not the yoga position. The tool for task management for teams. Delta Kappa Epsilon’s alumni leadership is a distributed team across the nation. We use Asana to track tasking of our leadership volunteers, pass the ball on task execution, and perform overall task management.

SurveyMonkey – Used to perform 360 evaluations on effectiveness of our President. Can be used for any anonymous surveys, but we mainly use their professionally written questioned to evaluate performance. The need for a collaborative task management tool (like Asana) came out of a performance evaluation survey.

We restrict access to our private instances because after all, its the private business of the Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Successful use of these tools should be evident in our leadership’s execution.

Have a better idea or template? Let us know!

If you’re a leader from another chapter and have questions about how we use these tools, just ask!