Providing opportunities for intellectual, social, and personal growth is a core component to the Mission of Lafayette College that aligns well with Greek Life, specifically DKE.

The DKE Speaker’s Bureau is an initiative alumni launched in partnership with students inviting distinguished alumni back to the DKE House each semester to discuss their experiences, graduate school, careers, etc. We rotate the topic each semester according to the needs of the undergrads and the availability of alumni for a given topic.

This program not only provides valuable networking opportunities for the brothers, but also ties into Lafayette’s Strategic Plan by fostering a stronger sense of community. If you would like to participate in a Speaker’s Bureau, contact the undergraduates at to coordinate your visit or call the DKE House phone line at 610.330.4557.

The DKE Speaker’s Bureau is one program fulfilling our broader goals of fostering student-alumni connections, promoting intellectual development, and continuing DKE’s tradition of excellence at Lafayette College and beyond. We welcome attendees from other Greek organizations and students who choose not to participate in Greek Life to each of the DKE Speaker’s Bureau sessions.


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  1. Kristi Thatcher says:

    Hello. My name is Kristi (Dutt) Thatcher and I graduated Lafayette in 1994. I am trying to find a contact for John Terembula. Can you please give him my email so that if he wants to get in touch, he can. Just trying to locate an “old” friend. I’m not on Facebook…
    Kristi Thatcher (

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