These photos were scanned in by Lafayette College’s archivist at the request of Brother Schimmel ’09. Photo credit to Special Collections & College Archives, Lafayette College, Easton, PA


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  1. Tim Whiting MD says:

    Just looked at this site. As a ’69 graduate and twice President, I am so glad you have pictures of my pledge father ‘s [Ben Van Steenberg ? ’66] copy of Picasso’s Guernica as well as Nick Durgom’s original dreamlike creation, which was added during my years in the house,to the basement/ Party room. Those 2 pictures made mopping up after party weekends a little more tolerable.

    Perhaps also of some historical interest to quote a famous movie, we were also just coming off “secret double double ” probation, and during my first year we still had our official live in Professorial “Keeper”: Dr Bronius Vaskelos , Russian language professor in what now I think is the Library just off the living room area. To make matters worse , after I had warned the Dean, who was in charge of the College building maintenance dept[ college had assumed ownership during “the troubles”] that we had a baulky furnace and could they please make sure it was running during Xmas vacation. I had also given him furnace company name and # and my home # . We came back with a very small membership to a VERY important rush[ threats if we didn’t fill the house to over capacity they would shut us down.] we found heat was off , pipes had frozen and burst with water all over the house and damage everywhere. Fortunately our Rush Chair { Mark Paige ’65] had been doing some sub rosa rushing and I am pretty sure one of the future pledges Ro Gebhardt had the idea of ” taking over and revamping us “. Worked for us ,and for them to.As an historical sidelight, included in that large class were our chapter’s first two African Americans.

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