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“You’ll all be happy to know the [toilets] are even more fraternal than before.” comments a Rho Deke Reunion 2015 correspondent during the tour of the DKE House Renovations to commemorate our 160th Anniversary. He sends the accompanying photo.

Fraternal Toilets

Fraternal Toilets


We have arranged a tour of the DKE House for interested alumni on Saturday, June 6th during reunion. Because it will still be an active construction site during reunion, space is limited. Please e-mail if you are interested in reserving a space on the tour.

As of early May, the following Rho Dekes are registered with the College to attend reunion this year:

Ed McNally ’65
John Krah ’75
Daniel Moore ’75
Gary Schaeffer ’75
Neill Kling ’85
Scott Harris ’95
David Kiefer ’95
J. Bayard Smith ’95
Alex Dippel ’96
Jonathon Jaye ’10
Ryan Simmons ’10

To register, follow this link to the College’s website, or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (610) 330-5040 or


DKE House Renovation Progress (Photo Credit) Chuck Zovko / Zovko Photographic llc

DKE House Renovation Progress (Photo Credit) Chuck Zovko / Zovko Photographic llc

Check out the photos of progress at the DKE House renovation at Lafayette College’s flickr page.

Construction is still on track for completion this summer. Todd Wiltshire ’86, who received a recent tour, reports that the kitchen is a huge upgrade and the light that now comes into the 3rd floor from the new cupola is amazing. The Rho House Association is investigating the possibility of tours for alumni during reunion on June 6th, 2015.

If you haven’t already lent your support towards this exciting campaign commemorating our 160th anniversary, please make a gift today!


President Alison Byerly and DKE brothers Michael De Lisi ’03 and Trustee J.B. Reilly ’83 led a groundbreaking ceremony during Reunion Weekend 2014 to renovate the DKE House. DKE announced that the renovation will include all alternates under consideration including key additions of a solarium and a cupola, thanks to the College keeping their investment in DKE fixed, passing all project cost savings on to DKE, and a recent generous gift putting DKE fundraising over a million dollars to date with $250k more to go to fully fund the renovation.

Scores of Rho Dekes from the ‘50s through 2015 were joined by many friends of DKE including family, fellow alumni, trustees, campus administrators, and a representative from DKE International. This event capped a beautiful reunion weekend.

Check out pictures of the event at the College’s flickr page.

Thank you to all supporters of this project, which marks a watershed moment in DKE and Lafayette College history. If you haven’t lent your support towards this cause, make a gift or multi-year pledge today!

Lafayette College featured this event on their Facebook page, embedded below:


My big fat Greek renovation: DKE fraternity house undergoes major renovations” by Ian Morse ‘17 appears in this week’s edition of The Lafayette. The topic is the planned renovation of the DKE House, which is one part of the plans to commemorate DKE’s 160th Anniversary at Lafayette College along with endowing a scholarship and faculty award.

This project reflects the significant commitment of Lafayette College to DKE, and vice versa. Together we are breathing new life into one of the most effective living learning laboratories on Lafayette’s campus – the DKE House.

“The interior of the 1st thru [sic] 3rd floors will be completely demolished and replaced with all new construction, including finishes, mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing fixtures,” Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Mary Wilford-Hunt wrote in an email.

Renovations will cost over $4 million, according to Wilford-Hunt. The college will pay the base cost of the entire renovation and trust that DKE contribution quotas will be filled, according the Rho DKE 160th Anniversary Campaign’s website.

DKE could not ask for better partners at the College. We’ve worked with all levels of the administration, members of the faculty, trustees, and of course our students. The outpouring of support from folks at the College as well as the brothers, families, and friends of DKE has been tremendous.

In addition to covering the thoughts of Rho Deke alumni, the article also highlights our collegian brothers’ perspective:

“We’ve been working with our alumni advisor and the other alumni, as well as with the undergraduates to help raise money…to fund the project as best as possible,” DKE President Brett Lederer ’15 said. Members of the fraternity have held “phone-athons” whereby they inform alumni since the Class of 1960 of the chapter’s plans.

The administration is presenting this project to the Board of Trustees for their review and approval at the upcoming meeting (May 23-24). Pending that approval, we will host a ground breaking ceremony at the DKE House on June 7th at 2PM with President Byerly. This is during reunion, so register today!

Please post any questions or comments.


Join President Byerly and your brothers in Delta Kappa Epsilon at the DKE House on Saturday June 7th for the ground breaking ceremony of the DKE House renovation, subject to Board approval, to commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Rho
Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon

Please register today for reunion so we can get an accurate headcount. When you register, select “Delta Kappa Epsilon” as your headquarters for the Campus Crawl. Festivities at the DKE House will continue following the ceremony.

This is your last chance to enjoy the DKE House as it was before the renovation to commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Rho Chapter.

Add your name to the list of Rho Dekes who will join us at reunion:

1974 Mark Damiano
1979 Gerald Leitz
1983 JB Reilly
1989 Robert Almeida
1991 Mark Fedorov (Maybe)
1993 Jay Mehr
1994 Christopher Pollina
1994 John Terembula
1994 Brian Waerig
1995 David Kiefer
1995 Bayard Smith
1996 Alex Dippel (Maybe)
1996 William Forbes
1998 Praveen Reddy (Maybe)
2002 Peter Carlson
2002 Jason Monico
2002 Scott Reynolds
2002 Brian Schranz
2003 Michael De Lisi
2003 Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon (Maybe)
2003 Michael Gentile
2004 Daniel Carreno
2004 Jonathan Cohn
2004 Stefano Derasmo
2004 Anthony Hawthorne
2004 James Madigan
2004 David Weston
2004 John Troup
2006 Jared Yelen
2008 Dominic Cimorelli
2009 John Crerand
2009 Matthew Zamore
2010 Ryan Simmons


Friday’s edition of The Lafayette featured the cover article “Setting up shop: Byerly discusses Greek Life” by By Michael A. Kowaleski ‘14 Editor-in-Chief. The article covers the convocation for the Class of 2017 of Lafayette College. From the article:

“Many alums talk about Greek Life, et cetera [sic], and what I told them was that the kinds of values that inspired their dedication to their fraternity are not only still represented but can be found in other aspects of residential life,” Byerly said. “If fraternities and sororities can meet the standards set up by the IAGGL process, I’m delighted to see them be part of that picture. ”

“I don’t believe Greek life is expendable,” she stated. “I believe if they adhere to the standards set, they have a place.”

For more on Greek Life and other topics from convocation, read the full article.

The newspaper is currently re-designing their website ( In the meantime, the newspaper is available in PDF format from the College Archives beginning at this link. The article concludes on page 4.

For those of you who missed reunion, President Weiss addressed the topic of fraternities and sororities meeting the standards under the IAGGL process during his final State of the College address on June 7, 2013:

We’re finding our way with Greek organizations now. We’re working in partnership with the students as closely as we ever have. They’re supportive of these initiatives. They’re performing at the levels we’ve asked them to. Their academic achievements are commensurate with the study body as a whole. And I’m proud of that. I think the way forward with them will be positive and I think that will be an important achievement for us so that we can all be rowing together.

You can watch this address at the College’s website. The sections relevant to Greek Life as of June 2013 begin at 27:20 and 43:00.


Lafayette College’s annual reunion is June 7-9, 2013. You can register online today at this link.

The DKE House will once again be open to all Rho Dekes and their families throughout the weekend. We’re planning a photo opp for all Rho Dekes Saturday afternoon around the other festivities.

Rho Dekes turned out in great numbers for the 2011 and 2012 reunions.

As of May 16, there are already 13 Rho Dekes registered to attend, with more to come:

Robert Loughlin ’53
Charles Moore ’53
William Thomas IV ’53
Manfred Geiger ’63
Richard Gurzynski ’63
David Jaffe ’63
Greg Dennison ’93
Mark Suffredini ’93
Michael De Lisi ’03
Timothy Dragone ’08
Daniel Flaherty ’08
Christoffer Johnston ’08
Marshall Massey ’08

I’m told the following Rho Dekes are attending, but not registered yet:

JB Reilly ’83
Michael Browne ’83
Fletcher Thomson ’98
Salvatore Caiazzo ’03
Daniel Gardner ’03
Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon ’03
Scott Yunes ’03


If your e-mail address is on file with the College, you should have received the message below today announcing the publication of the Spring 2012 Rho News. Past issues of the Rho News are available in the archive.


Greetings from the Rho House Association of DKE! The Spring 2012 edition of the Rho News is available at this link. In an effort to go green, only alumni who do not have e-mails on record with Lafayette College will receive a paper copy. Check out the Rho News for the latest information in alumni, student, and campus news related to the Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Lafayette College reunion is fast approaching on June 1-3. Visit the reunion homepage for information about this year’s Lafayette reunion, and to register to attend. Additionally, DKE is keeping a running tally of the Rho Dekes registered for reunion at our website. Like last year, the DKE House will again be open throughout reunion weekend.

We invite everyone to come by the DKE House Saturday afternoon on June 2nd for the DKE Open House to Let the Lion Roar. Check Lafayette’s official reunion schedule of events for the DKE Open House, but please stop by the DKE House anytime throughout reunion. As usual, we’ll have composites available, the Melanges, and relevant DKE records for the class years ending in 2 and 7, and for the 50+ club reunion attendees. I hope to see you at the DKE House the first weekend in June!

In the bonds of brotherhood,

Michael De Lisi ’03
Rho House Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon



Lafayette College’s annual reunion is June 1-3, 2012. You can register online today at this link.

In addition to the reunion festivities being on March Field this year due to construction on the quad, the DKE House will again be open to all Rho Dekes and their families.

As of April 20th, there are 14 Rho Dekes registered to attend, with more to come:

Matt Sheeleigh ’50
John Neff ’52
Robert Rothman ’66
Tom Turner ’82
Gregory Bahtiarian ’87
Mark Gupta ’87
Walter Gurzynski ’87
Michael McCormack ’87
Chris Tedeschi ’87
David Wolff ’87
Peter Carlson ’02
Lance Lacoff ’02
Steve Rosen ’02 (Saturday)
Brian Schranz ’02
Michael De Lisi ’03

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