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Brothers Seery and McAndrew reported from this summer’s DKE Leadership Summit that the Rho Chapter placed in the overall Lion Trophy award this year, behind Psi (Alabama) and Iota (Centre College).  We placed second in the individual categories of Scholarship and Alumni Relations.

Congratulations to all Rho Dekes who worked towards these achievements. I would like to especially recognize Brother Beta Michael Kelley ’14, Scholarship Chair Henry Sandman ’15, and Scott Harris ’95 our alumni Scholarship Director. Excellent work gentlemen.

Read the 2013 Lion Trophy Application – Rho Chapter Lafayette College.


DKE is hosting our winter Leadership Conference on January 26th in the Simon Auditorium to kickoff the spring semester. The morning sessions include a presentation by student leaders on our progress on the strategic initiatives, goals, and actions plans for this year. The conference’s afternoon sessions will focus on recruitment, public relations, officer transitions and governance.

We look forward to seeing our fraternity brothers start 2013 with a great conference and hearing more about the experiences of Michael Kelley and Zach Lizmi’s experiences at FuturesQuest this winter.

You can read about their experience here and here on the College’s website.

In addition to the conference, Dr. Hannah Stewart-Gambino will meet with DKE students in the coming weeks to hear student leaders present their progress in executing the chapter’s strategic plan. She will also lead a session to help students avoid common pitfalls in implementing strategic planning.


Rho DKE Strategic Initiatives-2012

Rho DKE Strategic Initiatives-2012

On December 4th, Lafayette College covered the results of our August strategic planning conference:

The fraternity holds leadership conferences before the fall and spring semesters, each with a different focus. This fall, DKE turned its attention to improving its members’ academic performance and increasing its community involvement. The entire chapter, its alumni leadership board, Shupp, and Stuart Umberger, director of fraternity and sorority life, participated in the conference.

The article also highlights the recent activities of students towards achieving their goals, as well as recognizing the alumni who help guide our students through this process. We suggest you read the article in full.

With the recent undergraduate elections, Andy O’Brien ’13 is passing leadership of the chapter to incoming President Michael Kelley ’14. During our winter leadership conference to kickoff the spring semester, Michael will present a review of the chapter’s progress on each of the strategic initiatives, goals, and action plans outlined at the start of the fall semester.

The winter conference will serve as an opportunity for any adjustments the students deem necessary to achieve the mission and vision agreed upon in August. It will also allow our new brothers to understand the process and framework guiding our chapter forward.

If you’d like to participate in the winter leadership conference, please contact Michael De Lisi ’03 at


On Saturday August 25-26, Delta Kappa Epsilon is hosting a leadership conference at Lafayette College to kickoff the 2012-2013 academic year for the Rho chapter. For the past several months DKE alumni have been teaching student leaders about Strategic Planning. At this conference DKE alumni will assist student leaders in guiding the entire chapter through the process. You can view the materials to be used at the conference as the DKE Strategic Planning Presentation as well as the agenda for 2012-08-25 DKE Leadership Conference – Strategic Planning.

Image of DKE Strategic Planning Framework

DKE Strategic Planning Framework

Alumni will teach students how to decompose elements such as thematic goals from Strategic Planning into annual goals and specific actions. The topics we plan to cover at the conference are Recruitment, Academic Standards, Pledge Education, and Public Relations. The students should leave the conference with the skills necessary to repeat the exercise for other topics such as civic engagement.

This conference is one example of students in fraternities like DKE integrating their intellectual, social, and personal growth by putting learning into practice outside of the classroom.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life published the Spring 2012 Greek Life Academic Performance report this week. You can access it from Lafayette College’s website at this link. In brief, the all-sorority/all-unaffiliated women term GPAs are 3.45/3.42 and the all-fraternity/all-unaffiliated men GPAs are 3.24/3.26

In an e-mail to advisors, the Director of FS Life included the following explanatory note to provide context for this academic report, which we reformatted to fit with WordPress:

  1. Class of 2015 is not included in any of the averages. Class of 2015 (FYI):

i.     Women SP2012: Term 3.31 (301) Cum 3.29 (301)

ii.     Men SP2012: Term 3.10 (336) Cum 3.13 (336)

Academic Performance of New Members will be critical for the Men’s Fraternities and anyone who is dipping the ‘non-affiliated students” averages.

  1. All Study Abroad FS Members or Non-Affiliated Students Study Abroad are excluded in this report.
  2. Comparison is displayed Spring 2012 with Spring 2011. Fall 2012 will be compared to Fall 2011.
  3. Some Data is showing “blank”. They will eventually be filled in as tracking is set for the future. This data was not tracked prior.
  4. Individual FS Groups Reports will be provided next week to each of you. If you have direct concerns about any certain members, I would ask that you have your Student Academic Officer/President see me to get that data out.

In addition, our Scholarship Director received recognition for the analysis work he’s doing on behalf of DKE.

DEKE’s Academic Advisor (Scott Harris ‘95) has already taken this step. He may be able to provide us with some ‘best practices” at a future Advisory Drive-In in the future. He tasked his advisee (Fraternity Academic Officer) to get the forms completed in correct form and signature from all the members in advance as to make sure they could get academic data. He is organizing a data projection/analysis process.

Scott will continue to work with the students to ensure we meet DKE’s academic standards.

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