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Tomorrow, April 3, several Rho Dekes are returning to campus to speak with students. Kevin O’Brien ’96 is participating in “What Good is a Math Major” from 12:15 to 1:15 in Pardee 227 sponsored by the Mathematics Department and MAAD. Brother O’Brien is part of a panel of three alumni described as:

An informal panel discussion with three former math majors and Lafayette grads who’ll be talking about their lives, work and life and how majoring in math got them where they are today.

He will also be participating in meetings on campus with students later in the day as well as the dinner event.

In addition, David Kiefer ’95 and Fletcher Thomson ’98 are participating in this spring’s DKE Speaker’s Bureau “Full Disclosure: Perspectives and Advice on Law School and the Legal Profession” from 7PM to 9PM in Hugel 103 – Jaqua Auditorium. DKE is cosponsoring this event with the Government and Law Department. Brother Kiefer is a Partner at SNR Denton and Brother Thomson is Assistant General Counsel, Textron, Inc. Brothers Kiefer and Thomson have been working with Professor Helena Silverstein, the Government and Law Department Head, to tailor material to the relevant interests of Lafayette College students.

Both events are open to the entire campus.


On October 27, 2011, the DKE undergraduates welcomed Brother John Terembula ’94, for the first of three alumni mentoring sessions.  Discussions like these are being set up by DKE’s alumni association in order to address the college administration’s recent recommendations found by the Greek Life Working Group.  Brother Terembula’s discussion presented the undergraduate brothers with key habits and principals of behavior, which will in turn, help them improve their academic performance, as well as prepare them for their post-college careers.

"John Terembula '94 discusses with the active DKE brothers the vast differences in his life when he did and did not implement personal time management methods."

In his discussion, Terembula stressed the importance of self-management.  Reflecting on his time in the house, he realized that he was not as efficient when he was a student as he is today.  He talked about how “there [were] too many times when [he] wished, as an undergraduate, [he] had been presented some piece of practical information in a way that would have better resonated with a DKE lifestyle.” By talking with the undergraduates, he gave practical feedback on the vague, and rarely applied, principles of “time management” he had learned through his life experiences, both college and career.

"The brothers heed Terembula's warning: manage your time now, or else the future will be much more difficult."

The undergraduate brothers had a very positive reaction to the first of three mentoring sessions.  Most of them immediately began to change their Time Management practices.  By taking the advice of Terembula, they began to plan ahead, and set up their schedules on their phones or computers. They felt t alumni brothers as guest speakers, rather than external sources, made it much easier for them to relate to the speaker’s points of view and experience.  They are excited t0 meet more alumni, and learn from their life experiences.

The second and third sessions will be held in December before finals, and at the start of the second semester.  Please Contact Brother Terembula directly if you are interested in participating in one of these sessions.


Our very own Fletcher Thomson ’98 recently won the Largest jury verdict in CT history for a trade secret case.

The case was also profiled on the Lafayette website with the requisite reference to livestock, albeit unrelated to his victory in court.

Fletch, who previously participated in the DKE Speakers Bureau, is planning on returning to campus on October 15 ahead of Homecoming weekend to discuss his experiences. What a great way to kickoff the 155th anniversary!


The undergrads invited several DKE alumni to the house Thursday, November 8th to kickoff this exciting program at 8PM. Stephen Bielamowicz ’99, Joseph Galyean ’04, Anthony Hawthorne ’04, John Troup ’04, Michael Caulfield ’05, and Michael Lefante ’06 will be speaking about their experiences as Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. They will also cover the graduate school and career opportunities they’ve explored in that area. Salvatore Caiazzo ’03 will speak about his successes and career as a Civil Engineer in the Poconos.

This is the first in a series of talks that we hope to repeat each semester. In the spring we plan on hosting an event focused on legal professions. If you are interested in participating, please contact us and let us know what topic you wish to speak on. The undergrads will be reaching out to the alumni with experience in a different field they’re interested in each semester.

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