DKE thoughts on IAGGL Announcement

President Weiss recently sent a message (copied here) to the entire Lafayette College community discussing the Implementation and Assessment Group on Greek Life (IAGGL). The IAGGL is charged with implementing the Board approved recommendations from the Greek Life Working Group and measuring results over the next three years. DKE’s actions position us well for achieving the goals of the Board of Trustees and President Weiss.

Below are DKE Leadership’s thoughts on President Weiss’ message announcing the IAGGL, highlights of DKE’s actions, and a request for alumni to support our DKE students with specifics about What You Can Do. Please free to comment directly on this post, e-mail the post or share it via Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

DKE Speakers Bureau: Time Management is Really Self Management

On October 27, 2011, the DKE undergraduates welcomed Brother John Terembula ’94, for the first of three alumni mentoring sessions.  Discussions like these are being set up by DKE’s alumni association in order to address the college administration’s recent recommendations found by the Greek Life Working Group.  Brother Terembula’s discussion presented the undergraduate brothers with

Spiking to Make a Difference

On November 25, 2011, between 3pm and 6pm, the Jiwanko Saathiharu Foundation will be hosting a Volleyball tournament at Amity High School in Amity, CT.  Proceeds will be donated to benefit the children of the beautiful, yet impoverished, nation of Nepal, as well as an annual Amity scholarship in memory of Jeremy Saxe.  DKE supports the foundation annually with

DKE x10 Project

Brothers De Lisi and Carlson announced the DKE x10 Project during the annual meeting. Under this project, each graduating glass would give a class gift back to the DKE House. To connect Dekes across graduation years, they would also fund raise for the project from 1 year DKE alumni and Dekes who are preparing to

Call for Alumni Volunteers

Brother De Lisi reviewed the need to institutionalize and modernize the business of the fraternity.  We need volunteers to serve on the Public Relations Committee. The description of this committee is located here with more information about governance on the About Us page. Refining and communicating DKE’s message is more important now than ever. We’re

Marquis Founders Dinner 2011

The undergraduates welcomed DKE attendees of the Marquis Founders Dinner to the DKE House on Friday October 21. Attendees included Brothers Matt Sheeleigh ’50, Bob Loughlin ’53, Allan Kirby ’53, Paul McCurdy ’82, and Mitch Wein (Treasurer of the College and VP of Finance & Administration). Students were glad to engage with their fellow Dekes