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President Weiss recently sent a message (copied here) to the entire Lafayette College community discussing the Implementation and Assessment Group on Greek Life (IAGGL). The IAGGL is charged with implementing the Board approved recommendations from the Greek Life Working Group and measuring results over the next three years. DKE’s actions position us well for achieving the goals of the Board of Trustees and President Weiss.

Below are DKE Leadership’s thoughts on President Weiss’ message announcing the IAGGL, highlights of DKE’s actions, and a request for alumni to support our DKE students with specifics about What You Can Do. Please free to comment directly on this post, e-mail the post or share it via Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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On October 27, 2011, the DKE undergraduates welcomed Brother John Terembula ’94, for the first of three alumni mentoring sessions.  Discussions like these are being set up by DKE’s alumni association in order to address the college administration’s recent recommendations found by the Greek Life Working Group.  Brother Terembula’s discussion presented the undergraduate brothers with key habits and principals of behavior, which will in turn, help them improve their academic performance, as well as prepare them for their post-college careers.

"John Terembula '94 discusses with the active DKE brothers the vast differences in his life when he did and did not implement personal time management methods."

In his discussion, Terembula stressed the importance of self-management.  Reflecting on his time in the house, he realized that he was not as efficient when he was a student as he is today.  He talked about how “there [were] too many times when [he] wished, as an undergraduate, [he] had been presented some piece of practical information in a way that would have better resonated with a DKE lifestyle.” By talking with the undergraduates, he gave practical feedback on the vague, and rarely applied, principles of “time management” he had learned through his life experiences, both college and career.

"The brothers heed Terembula's warning: manage your time now, or else the future will be much more difficult."

The undergraduate brothers had a very positive reaction to the first of three mentoring sessions.  Most of them immediately began to change their Time Management practices.  By taking the advice of Terembula, they began to plan ahead, and set up their schedules on their phones or computers. They felt t alumni brothers as guest speakers, rather than external sources, made it much easier for them to relate to the speaker’s points of view and experience.  They are excited t0 meet more alumni, and learn from their life experiences.

The second and third sessions will be held in December before finals, and at the start of the second semester.  Please Contact Brother Terembula directly if you are interested in participating in one of these sessions.


On November 25, 2011, between 3pm and 6pm, the Jiwanko Saathiharu Foundation will be hosting a Volleyball tournament at Amity High School in Amity, CT.  Proceeds will be donated to benefit the children of the beautiful, yet impoverished, nation of Nepal, as well as an annual Amity scholarship in memory of Jeremy Saxe.  DKE supports the foundation annually with it’s undergraduate event “The Saxe Basketball Tournament.”  We encourage all brothers who are in the area this holiday season to stop by and support this noble cause.  For more information:

For those who are unaware, Jeremy is a member of the DKE RHO class of 2009, and passed away his Senior year from natural causes.  The Jiwanko Saathiharu Foundation was set up in his honor to support the children of Nepal.  These children had a special place in Jeremy’s heart after his study abroad experience in that region.  The foundation has many goals at hand, including to construct a better Napali school.  For more information on the foundation please visit




Brothers De Lisi and Carlson announced the DKE x10 Project during the annual meeting. Under this project, each graduating glass would give a class gift back to the DKE House. To connect Dekes across graduation years, they would also fund raise for the project from 1 year DKE alumni and Dekes who are preparing to celebrate their 10 year reunion. The 10 year DKE alumni will match the gift donated by graduating DKEs times ten!

This year’s project, which was designed by Peter with input from the students is a built-in multi-room sound system for the DKE House. Planned zones include main bar, chapter room, first floor, and front yard with iTouch mounted controls in each zone and 10 speakers total.  The system will be extensible to add zones if we decide to in the future, for instance 2nd floor lounge.

Specific goals for this year’s project are:

* Current seniors donate at the Marquis level ($100). Goal: 100% participant at the Marquis level (~20 ppl)
* <1 year graduates donate at the Marquis level ($100). Goal: 100% participation. 90% at the Marquis level (~13 ppl)
* 10 year graduates donate at the Marquis level ($1,000). Goal: 100% participation. 70% at the Marquis level (~14 ppl)
* Financial goal is $13,000
* Funds received by end of April
* Project complete by Reunion (first week of June) for 10 year graduates to dedicate gift at their reunion
* All Marquis participants return for Homecoming and attend the Marquis Founders Dinner

We wish the DKE seniors well in completing this ambitious project! If you have any questions or want to participate, contact Gregory Baldwin ’12, the project coordinator at


Brother De Lisi reviewed the need to institutionalize and modernize the business of the fraternity.  We need volunteers to serve on the Public Relations Committee. The description of this committee is located here with more information about governance on the About Us page. Refining and communicating DKE’s message is more important now than ever. We’re looking for men with experience or interest in marketing, public relations, communications, etc. We need to advocate for ourselves!

If you would like to volunteer or have any questions contact Mike Additional committees will be announced as we form them over the coming year.


This newly established committee held its’ inaugural meeting on 10/20. The members are Brothers Mark Fedorov ’91, Rich Phillips ’98, and Hudson Cashdan ’01; and is chaired by Rho House Association Treasurer Peter Carlson ’02. This committee will manage the financial assets of the Rho House Association account which is funded by your dues and sinking fund contributions. The conversation touched on cash needs, portfolio construction, and long term strategy. One key plan for the future is to get the undergraduates involved and provide an opportunity for them to manage a financial portfolio; several options were discussed. This is the first committee established as part of the push to construct the Rho House Association in line with the best practices of non-profit corporations.


The undergraduates welcomed DKE attendees of the Marquis Founders Dinner to the DKE House on Friday October 21. Attendees included Brothers Matt Sheeleigh ’50, Bob Loughlin ’53, Allan Kirby ’53, Paul McCurdy ’82, and Mitch Wein (Treasurer of the College and VP of Finance & Administration). Students were glad to engage with their fellow Dekes and welcome them back to the DKE House.


Following the Board of Trustees recent vote to endorse the Administration’s proposal covering the Greek Life Working Group’s Recommendations, which the College announced here and in e-mails to the Lafayette community, there has been a flurry of media coverage on the topic.
Our resolve to exceed the expectations of the Board of Trustees and Lafayette College Administration has never been stronger. In their letter, they identify four key areas by which they will measure Greek Life:

* Fraternities and sororities must provide open access and engagement opportunities to all students at Lafayette (non-discriminatory in selection of members).
* Fraternities and sororities must facilitate demonstrated learning opportunities for students and provide benefits to the College as a whole.
* The academic performance of students affiliated with fraternities and sororities must be comparable to the student body as a whole.
* The disciplinary profile of members of fraternities and sororities, as well as the individual organizations, must be comparable to the student body as a whole and other student organizations.

If you have any questions about what this means for DKE or how you can help, please contact us at

Adopting the Greek Life Working Group’s Recommendations is a positive step for DKE, Greek Life, and Lafayette College although the media does not always focus on the positive aspects of the decision to embrace the Greek Life Working Group’s Report. Articles covering this topic include The Morning Call, The Express Times, and The Laf articles here and here.

Several comments made by Lafayette College’s Administration including its spokesman and President Weiss demonstrate that although the College spent 18 months studying the Greek Life, their thinking includes fundamental flaws we must clarify for them. We have been working, and will continue to work, to improve their understanding of the issues surrounding Greek Life.

These articles run at the same time as articles celebrating Lehigh’s Greek Life system in the same media outlets.


DKE was recently charged as an organization for a food fight that trashed the kitchen and dining room in DKE. DKE held both the alumni participants and the student bystanders accountable with monetary fines and barring them from DKE events in the near term. Destruction in the DKE House must stop and we expect all Dekes to respect the investments we make in the house.

In the future we will hold enablers and bystanders equally accountable to any active participants in future incidents. DKE property was placed at risk by this incident. Additionally, the Dean raised questions about how we cleaned the food fight up because it was mostly sophomores when the Dean came to observe the mess. Trashing the kitchen and dining room must stop!

The Student Conduct Committee levied several penalties on us as a result of this incident. Among other penalties, we are under social probation until October 17th, 2012. During this time, we are not required to remain dry; however, we cannot host social events on or off campus. The full decision is available from Brother De Lisi. Contact him at if you would like to review the decision. We are working to place this decision into context of the Campus Climate, particularly the recent Board of Trustees decisions regarding Greek Life.

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