From the monthly archives: October 2007

We tried a few things new this year. We sent out a save the date card a few weeks prior to Homecoming reminding alumni about Homecoming. Prior to the Marquis Society dinner, we hosted a reception at the DKE house, which was open to all brothers. There was a good turnout and we hope to get even more brothers back next year thanks to word of mouth. Thank you to the undergrads who welcomed the alumni back.

The officers have bold plans for Homecoming next year that you’ll be hearing about throughout the year. We will build on the progress we made this year improving it for Dekes of all ages and their families.


Following Homecoming this year, we aimed to improved communication among the alumni. One aspect of that effort is revamping the website and adding this blog, where we can post news announcements. If you have any problems accessing the forums, want to update your contact information, or have other general technical issues, contact Michael De Lisi ’03. We look forward to being more in touch more often with all of the brothers.

Special thanks to Gabe Fernandez-Obregon ’03 of GFO Design for the graphics customization.

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